Human Resources

KRG İnşaat Turizm A.Ş provides all its employees with a working environment based on mutual trust and respect where they can have improved professional skills through training.

Advancing in the industry by virtue of its expert personnel that are equipped with qualified information, skills and experience, have adopted ethical values and moral principles and are responsible towards environment and society; KRG İnşaat provides employment for hundreds of people. 

It supports all its personnel with professional training for their professional and personal development.


Founded in 1972, KGR was involved in many projects, including without limitation tens of thousands of business place projects and residence projects in a set of various regions around Turkey.

Having added value to tens of thousands of individuals since its establishment, KRG İnşaat also introduced a brand new dimension to the construction industry by virtue of its principles, and its growth continues uninterruptedly and steadily thanks to long-lasting and reciprocal trust with the customers.


Vardar Caddesi, No: 30
Alibeyköy, Eyüp, İstanbul
+90 212 627 44 14
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