Esenbahce Dwellings

A brand new world in a brand new city centre

A project that offers a brand new world in the heart of the city that adds functionality and aesthetics to your living space and environment, free from urban stress

Esenbahce Dwellings

About the Project

By providing 24/7 camera security system, we intend to make you and your family happy.

By providing a basketball court, we intend to make sure you and your family are healthy and enjoy your time & leisure.

You can get rid of your daily stress on the tennis court, which is only one of the sports facilities offered at Esenbahce Dwellings.

We intended to provide a convenient infrastructure for you to cycle in a safer environment.

We intended to create refreshing areas where birds tweet on trees, flowers emit nice smells and you take a rest under the shades of trees, away from the urban noise and stress.

We intended to give you a cozy cafeteria where you can sip from your tea or coffee, read your newspaper and get quality services accompanied by good music.

We intended to give you warm venues where you can forget about the job stress even for half an hour in the evening, and meet up with your friends or neighbours for chit-chat at weekends.

We wanted to make sure your mental and physical condition is solid for performing your daily activities in a freshened state of mind with no stress at all.

It is hardly possible to walk down the hectic streets of metropolis that is jammed with traffic. Going for a walk on a regular basis has unquestionable benefits. We wanted the walking tracks to become a social route for those that go for a walk.

By paying due diligence to ensure the park area and the periphery complies with the necessary conditions, and taking all measures against potential risks, we intended that children play in healthy and safe areas.

We intended to bring on a functional and aesthetic appearance in your living space and environment so that you get rid of urban stress to a certain extent, if not all in all.

Project Tag

Manufacturing Company
Önay Group

Esenbahçe Dwellings

Beylikduzu - Esenyurt

14.375.20 sqm

Construction Area
60.929.72 sqm

Number of Dwelling

Number of Store

Commercial Blocks
3500 sqm

Type of Dwelling

Date of Delivery
Stage 1- September 2008; Stage 2 - September 2009

Site List

Options for Different Dwelling

2+1 and 3+1 options ranging between 82 sqm to 161 sqm on different blocks, and interior design that maximises area usage,

Construction system

  • Project design calculations comply with Turkish Standards and Turkish Regulation on Earthquake.
  • Earthquake-resistant raft foundation, reinforced concrete curtain and bored pile system.
  • Reinforced concrete conveyor system has C25 concrete quality in average standards.
  • Fully-controlled production, ready mixed concrete, and ST3 class steel in concrete that is checked in laboratory medium on a daily basis.

Insulation System

  • Exterior heat insulation system in the form of jacketing for all blocks
  • Insulation system in the form of tanking on garden storeys
  • Heat insulation on block façades, and heat & acoustic insulation  in between the storeys pursuant to the relevant regulations

Heating System

All flats are equipped with natural gas heating system, hot water supply, and heating installation with a floor-dispensed panel radiator, including combi.

Water Tank

Central water tank, water softening and filtration system in sufficient capacity.


Shared spaces, elevators and parking garages are equipped with automatic central generator units in case of power cut.

Car Park

1 parking garage per flat.


2 elevators that are connected to the car park pursuant to TSE norms on each block; 2 staircases- 1 for fire escape.

Doors and Windows

Entrance door of the adjacent unit, integrated facility production, mono-block steel door.

  • Interior doors are made of American panel door.
  • Windows and balcony doors are made of PVC and heat insulated.

Low Voltage Installation

  • Sitting room, kitchen and rooms are equipped with TV and telephone installation in line with the satellite broadcasting.
  • External phone line connection per flat.
  • Central digital satellite broadcasting,


  • MDFlam-framed kitchen cupboards.
  • Dropping kitchen sink made of stainless steel.
  • Extractor hood.
  • 6D cm 1Dx1D ceramics on the granite kitchen counter.
  • Embedded furnace for granite kitchen counter,


  • Shower tube and shower cabin available at parents' bathroom.
  • General bathrooms are equipped with acrylic bathtub and Hilton type washbasin with a bath cabinet beneath depending on the type of the flats.
  • TSE-accredited sanitary water and fittings,

Wall, Floors and Ceiling Covering

  • Walls on the garden storeys are acrylic-base painted.
  • All of the walls are covered by ceramic on wet grounds depending on the project.
  • Walls in the sitting room, entrance, corridor, kitchen and rooms are satin-painted.
  • Floors in the entrance, kitchen, corridor, balcony, WC and bathrooms are covered by ceramics.
  • Floors in the sitting room and rooms are laminated.
  • Ceilings in the bathroom, shower and WC units are water-base painted.
  • Ceilings in the sitting room and rooms are water-base plastic painted onto plaster board.

Security System

  • Video intercom installation connected with the security in between the dwelling and block entrance door.
  • Electricity residual current device per flat.
  • Building complex walls and ambient lights comply with the architectural project, and a surrounding camera system
  • Security and control room upon entrance to the building complex
  • Dwellings are equipped with advanced automation infrastructure in line with the project
  • "Automatic Entrance Control System" at the cark park entry
  • Water tank for being used in case of fire
  • Smoke discharge system at parking garages
  • Sufficient fire hydrants in line with the project
  • Natural gas installation is equipped with earthquake alarm

Environmental Plan and Social Facilities

  • Special landscaping, aqueous parks in line with the landscaping, 2 playgrounds, walking tracks
  • Bamboos, lilies and tropical plants, fitness centre within the social facility area, meeting rooms, indoor cafeteria
  • Recreation sites under the shades of trees
  • Cycle path
  • Tennis court
  • Basketball court
  • Camellia plants between each block
  • Vehicle and passenger lanes, drainage system

The colour, pattern, tissue, wood types, covering types, dimensions and sizes, details, materials and all relevant equipment and items for rough and fine construction materials shall be designated by the contracting company, namely, ÖNAY GRUP YAPI SAN. TAAH. TURZ. ve DIŞ TİC. A.Ş. in compliance with the agreement. In case the aforecited properties need changing at the time of construction, the contracting company reserves such right to modification. Buyers may not claim construction with different materials.


Esenbahce Dwellings
Esenbahce Dwellings
Esenbahce Dwellings
Esenbahce Dwellings
Esenbahce Dwellings
Esenbahce Dwellings
Esenbahce Dwellings
Esenbahce Dwellings
Esenbahce Dwellings
Esenbahce Dwellings


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